5 steps to protect your security cameras from hackers

Creative brief


Blog about home security camera systems;

Target platform

Website of a company specialized in CCTV and security solutions for home and business;


30-40 middle- to upper-middle-class worried homeowners, interested in technology but still learning how to use it;

Buyer's Journey

Awareness stage (top of the funnel). Researching security camera systems;

Tone and Style

Formal and conversational, convey authority with ease;

Headline formula

“How-to” style;

Word-count target

500-700 words

SEO Keywords

security, security camera system;


With reports of hacking on the rise, as well as a rising interest in easy-to-install security cameras, there’s an opportunity to educate the target audience on basic issues regarding online security.

By providing information on the subject, the brand is exposed to the audience. There is more content in the platform about the issue, an opportunity to keep nurturing the visitor, and there’s also the possibility of downloading a study in exchange for a lead.

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