Miguel Rebelo

Miguel Rebelo is a freelance writer specialized in writing content for businesses in technology. He is also the Portuguese actor with the same name and likeness.

Miguel achieved critical acclaim at age 9 by writing “The Adventures of Joe and The City.” The tale follows a superhero that fights evil amid vivid descriptions of cold nights and humid beaches. The obsession with meteorology couldn’t and still can’t be explained. His work featured in several dinners with his parents’ friends and family, winning him the award of “Our Best Son” in 1999.
An only child at the turn of the century, he wrecked his Pentium II so many times he had to learn how to repair it. The experience with hardware came in handy. Games like Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos required constant upgrades to run smoothly.
The birth of Christ is a marker of Western history. Miguel’s history is divided into the pre-Broadband and post-Broadband eras. This was the end of time restrictions for internet use. He spent his teens trading blows in competitive online games, meeting Swedish people and honing his American Standard accent.
After a detour through multimedia school, Miguel started studying acting at age 20, majoring in theatre three years later. He played several different roles on stage and on TV and made hundreds of people laugh and cry. Sometimes both at the same time.
Now living in London, United Kingdom – where the meteorology can be varied, unpredictable, a delightful sport – Miguel has found a home away from home.
As a freelance writer, he helps businesses create content to articulate ideas, flesh out services and present products. All with clarity, simplicity and persuasion in mind. Humour too, but that depends on your brand voice.
When not writing or acting, he is playing casual games on his computer, working through his list of non-fiction reading, getting lost in the park, and thinking what’s for dinner.

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